Barn Sale

La Bella Luce’s First Ever

Barn Sale

October 12th from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

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Have you ever wondered why La Bella Luce is never empty? As soon as a piece of furniture sales a new piece is there to replace it.

I have been traveling through Europe for the past 12 years looking for treasures to bring to you. 


You are now invited for the first time in the five years La Bella Luce has been in Clifton to come and shop from our beloved Carriage House 

Located at:

12801 Chestnut St.

Due to the high pedestrian traffic during Clifton Day we will be using our Land Rover to shuttle you up and down the hill every 15 minutes. Strip maps will also be available at La Bella Luce.


The word demijohn was taken from the French, Dame Jeanne, meaning Lady Jane. According to the legend, in 1347 Queen Jane fled Naples and went to her countship of Provence. On the way between Grasse and Draguignan they were surprised by a storm, and they took refuge in a small castle of the village of Saint Paul la Galline Grasse, whose lord also practiced glass making. Having spent the night in the castle, the Queen wanted to see the lord of the house at work. As she unexpectedly entered the workshop, the lord, assisted by some servants, was engaged in glass-blowing. Surprised by the arrival of the Queen, he blew too strongly in the tube, thus producing an enormous glass of about ten liters in capacity, greatly acclaimed by those standing around. The lord immediately decided that he would produce more of this type, and wanted to call it “reine-Jeanne” after the Queen. However, the modest sovereign proposed him to call it only “dame-Jeanne.” This is where Italian damigiana also came from.

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 Demijohns covered with leather were discovered in ancient underground catacombs in the Tuscany region of Italy and throughout Europe, demijohns have been described as “being around as long as we have.” Designed originally to transport wine, these bottles were used to carry almost any liquid. They were made in a vast variety of sizes.

 Demi 11            

Older demijohns were all hand-blown, and without the benefit of a mold. you can distinguish an antique Demijohn (1800′s or earlier) from a more recent one by the lack of seam and the roughness of the neck. Older Demijohns have a glass ring on the neck that was added after it was blown in order for the pincher pliers to be able to hold them up while the demijohn was hacked away from the blower making each demijohn unique.




demi 16


The globular ovoid shape is an important identifying characteristic for European demijohns.  

Today the average Italian still uses colorful vessels to transport their wine home from the wineries to be bottled at home at a lesser cost or to be use as a sort of a wine keg for larger gatherings. 


While waiting for the next party you can display your colorful Demijohns around your home in a variety of ways.

They can be made into light fixtures. 


Flower Vases


Candle holders

…or just sprinkle them around your home and garden for a touch of whimsical and a bit of History! 


The Maples Farm; October 29th, 2013

Exciting News!!!

Dear La Bella Luce Friends,
Since the last time I wrote, I’ve been quite busy developing a new and exciting webpage and building our Facebook presence. I am thrilled to be able to better communicate with you and keep you informed of, not only what is going on at La Bella Luce, but in the Town of Clifton.
Check out our new website at www.labellaluceimports.com and feast your eyes on a “Gallery” filled with beautiful and inspirational photos. Check out our “Events” tab to find out what is happening in beautiful Historic Clifton and see future La Bella Luce events. In the “Blog” tab we have captured all past newsletters and I am thrilled to announce that we will be doing a monthly Blog, so feel free to write to us with any requests that you may have.
You can now sign up to receive our Blog directly from our website in the “Join the Family” tab. Be sure to like us on Facebook to get daily news, sales, and events.
We are thrilled to share our new website with you and I hope that you will share it with your friends!