Easter decor

To say that Easter 2020 was challenging is an understatement! I am currently living in Germany and by then we all were on our forth week of “social isolation” and craving human interaction. Nonetheless, I decorated every room in the house with even more intensity than usual (well maybe not more, but at least the same).

Not being able to entertain or have guest over made me focus more on my immediate family and count my many blessings. I baked a cake every weekend in April, which I shared with my neighbours (front door drop off only) to let them know I care and to also keep me from eating it all.

I hope you too had a Blessed Easter!


If we would have been allowed to entertain the front door would have Welcomed our guest with a set of matching boxwood wreaths and a beautiful silk harlequin ribbon.
of course, Easter is not complete without bunnies and carrots.
A collection of suitcases and picnic baskets stacked up in the foyer would get you in the mood for outings and picnics in the sun.
Pastoral garden statues make a refreshing display.
Linen slipcovers are an easy way to keep your decor fresh and springy.
Bring the outdoors inside.
Fresh forsythia branches make a wonderful Easter tree.
I could not resist him!

My favorite Easter decor has to be my collection of German vintage paper mâché eggs.
Reproduction vintage cards on antique place card holders make a nostalgic display.
A bouquet of antique wooden eggs found at a German Flohmarkt and a beautiful striped ribbon adorning an antique potatoe wagon makes for a whimsical display.
An Italian ceramic bunny, cake plater, and antique books make fun coffee table vignette.
I inherited this tiny vintage Easter egg from my husband’s grandmother when she died. Incasing such a treasure in a glass dome showcases its importance as well as helping keep it safe.
Easter eggs hanging from the chandelier gives the dining room a festive look.
OK, I was looking for a sheep, but fell in love with this wooden little Ram instead … close enough.
He mades me LOL!!!
It does not take much to bring a bit of spring into every room in the house.
LOVE these double sided metal ornaments … I was so happy when I found out that they were actually made in Wursburg, Germany!
The sunroom gets a spring makeover with the help of a couple of Italian bunnies and a bouquet of light pink peonies .
The beautiful Easter linen table runner adds an unexpected pop of color to the sunny room.
Easter Brunch!
Humming Bird Easter Cake!
Decorated with cream cheese frosting and real pansies.
Tiny Bee hive chocolate cake decorated with fresh flowers and little bees, perfect for just the four of us.
I got two new cake mods this year a lam and a bunny and they both worked beautiful!!! I made an orange poundcake sprinkled with powder sugar with the Lam mold.
… and a bunny sponge cake with strawberries with the bunny mold.
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