North Country LBL

Dear La Bella Luce Friends,

We are finally settled in our NY home, just in time to enjoy the fall season. Our new home is very different from our colonial home in Northern Virginia, so I took this opportunity to try something new.  This time I painted the entire house in four different shades of “Grey”. 

Our North Country home is located on a quaint wooded cul-de-sack  inside of Fort Drum, an Army base just south of the Canadian border. The inspiration for the new color scheme came from a small lake just on the other side of a wooden trail behind the house. The home’s blue exterior and gray interior gives the home a  lake front feel.

When we moved from Italy to Virginia I did a blog featuring the entire home transformation. This time, I will share one room at a time, starting with my favorite room – The Library.

The library is the smallest room in the house. Located just outside of the kitchen’s pantry the library is the perfect place to cuddle up by the fire with a book and a cup of coffee. 

The first thing we did was to have the room painted in Sherwin William’s “Dove Grey”.

Image 20

I was able to re-use my blue curtains from our Virginia home and had a white slip cover made for an old arm chair to match our sofa …

Image 52

… removed the pine built-in bookcase

Image 21

… and replaced it with an Italian antique one.

Image 56       

  Image 46

Because of the bookshelf’s original amber glass doors, I decided to leave the doors open and display our collection of old and new military books. The black and white portraits of ancestors, real and adopted, helps to give this small room a sense of history and pedigree. 

Image 35    

To help give the home a bit more character, I flanked the entrance from the hallway with a pair of old white chippy columns and put my versatile corner cabinet in the opposite corner.

Image 55

  Image 54   

Then came the CHANDELIER and matching wall sconces flanking the fireplace. What a difference the right lighting makes!!!

Image 37

 Image 42 

Image 57

 Image 61

Since the ceilings in this older home are only 8′ tall we had to swag the chandelier to come down on top of the coffee table instead of leaving it in the center of the room. I also left the oversized dresser mirror resting on the floor to help the space feel a bit more whimsical and friendly, as if I just moved in and casually set it there … which is exactly what I did!

IImage 4 

If you know me, you would know that I have a love/hate relationship with outlets. I need them, but I hate looking at them and I am always looking for creative ways to hide them. In this room I used the white chippy statues and an oversized lantern to do the job.

Image 53

   Image 59

The vintage stain glass just resting on the bottom half of the window helps to make the room cozy without entirely blocking the natural light or the beautiful view to the outdoors. 

 Image 47

   Image 60


Image 20  Image 21


Image 62  Image 63

Stay tuned for other rooms and more ideas to come!